Jet Skiing

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So today a few friends and my good friend Matt Hartford and myself went jet skiing in St. Pete. We had a blast! Victoria, the girl who was riding with me, was never on a jet ski until now. We were really moving and even jumping the jet ski getting some air. On the way back to the rental place, when we were going about 20mph, I turned left slightly which translated into a nice banked turn at that speed. As soon as I turned the handle bars to the left I felt Victoria’s nails sliding across my side…I look to the left and she’s flying into the water face first! I quickly turned around and went back to pick her up. She was in the water for maybe 10 seconds and within that time managed to get stung by a jellyfish. After she got back on, we were talking to our other friends Matt and Valerie on the other jet ski when I decided to make a turn while barely moving forward. This didn’t work and the jet ski flipped throwing us both overboard. After getting back on our rental time was over so we headed back. I felt so bad that I threw her overboard but she insisted it wasn’t a problem. She didn’t even complain about the jellyfish sting.. What a trooper. However, I think it’s safe to say Victoria will never go jet skiing with me again!!

We ended up hitting the beach afterwards and had a great time relaxing. Turned out to be a very fun afternoon for everyone.