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More Info on DreamRide Charity and my experience last year:

DreamRide is a charity based around celebrating the achievements of Special Olympic Athletes. Originally, DreamRide was a motorcycle rally from Palm Beach to Connecticut that visited Special Olympic Athletes on the way. In the recent years, it has expanded to a massive car rally and car show. The car events are held at The Farmington Club in Farmington, Connecticut on August 26th-28th, 2016.

The supporters of DreamRide are some of the most generous and kind-hearted people you will ever meet. To me, it was incredibly inspiring watching some of the wealthiest and most successful people going out of their way to make these kids smile. THAT is the type of people I want to be around. I watched several LaFerrari, P1 owners open the doors on their cars to let the athletes take photos in them… to us this seems minimal, but to the athletes it proves to be a memory they talk about for the next 364 days. It’s ALL about the smiles and memories. I remember last year watching an athlete hug a P1 owner and thank him for bringing his car out. The gentlemen trailered his car over 8 hours one way to attend the event and he is already confirmed for this year (with friends). I arranged the shipping of 6 supercars from Florida last year, every person (and several friends) are already committed to this year. Actions speak louder than words.

Last year we had 4 P1’s, 4 LaFerrari’s, 3 918’s, 2 Pagani’s, and a few F40 and F50. We are already on our way to doubling that this year… but we need your help! Please share this link with your car collector friends!

Please watch this video if you are unfamiliar with DreamRide Charity. This is one of the many incredible stories that DreamRide is responsible for. 

Please watch this video if you wish to see the DreamRide car show setup and the cars in attendance last year.